Saving parents money on school supplies


In most schools, organising the trade of secondhand books is a hassle with students and parents squabbling over what’s available.

Common trading systems, like eBay, fail to meet the needs of the school market due to their inability to actively trade within a school community and failing to assist users to make correct purchases (e.g. the correct edition of a book).


Richard and Kathy King approached Alliance to develop a solution. Over the past four years using a lean approach the system has evolved making the search for new books and uniforms simple and accessible.

The trading system works by catering to specific student book lists and school uniform sizing. The majority of trade is in the form of  ‘wanted’, rather than ‘for sale’ adverts due to a unique system of matching buyers and sellers.


As the 2012 trading season approaches, the Sustainable School Shop will be the primary trading platform in approximately 300 schools around the country. This represents a population of a quarter of a million students.

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