Maximise opportunities & minimise effort.

Business success comes from maximising the conversion of prospects to customers and again maximising your sales to each customer.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM software is how businesses manage and optimise their customer interactions over time.

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Why build a Custom CRM Platform?

There's a wide range of “Out of the Box” CRM software packages at every price point to choose from, so why would a business choose to build their own? Here are a few key reasons we've encountered:

Naser, an Alliance Software project manager, walks through with a client some wireframes posted on a wall.

Unique Business Processes

Many businesses have unique processes that fit poorly with out-of-the-box software. Why accept inefficient work-arounds? Why compromise when you can have CRM software developed that is perfectly tailored to how you work?

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More than a CRM

Clients (like New Age Caravans) wanted more than just a CRM but were tired of poor integration between multiple out of the box systems. We simplified operations with just one end to end tool.

Avoid High Licensing Fees

We've helped a number of clients (like Broker Engine) save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by moving away from high cost CRM's like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce.

Our Approach to Custom CRM Software

These are the steps we take with our clients to develop a tailored CRM solution.

Market Validation

A quality solution starts by talking to the people who do the work, understanding existing processes & paperwork, and reviewing any current technology solutions which are already in place.

Agree on What Matters

With an understanding of the current situation, the next step is to quantify the improvement or benefits you're after. Is it shaving precious minutes from each inbound call that matters? Are we focused on minimising errors? Perhaps simplification to reduce reliance on expert staff?

Quick Sanity Check

At this point we ask the honest question “should we consider an out-of-the-box solution”? Sometimes clients simply aren't aware of what's in the market. If we feel your needs can be well served by an existing solution, our proud team of CRM software developers will let you know.

Design a Solution

Next we design and help you visualise the solution. Typically we do this in a half day workshop with key members of your team. Together, in just three hours, we'll collect what we need to know to map out your ideal solution.

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Delivery & Support

Finally, we progress to development. We generally follow an Agile process, delivering tailored software every two weeks.

Marcus Andrews

The software is a perfect blend of the best of both our companies’ thinking. We can't speak highly enough of the work Alliance Software has done.

Marcus Andrews - Founder & Counsellor, Life Supports Counselling

Who we've helped with Custom Built CRM software

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Broker Engine

Feeling stuck in an expensive & slow Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Broker Engine not only saved hundreds of thousands in annual license fees with us, but also built what many consider Australia's best CRM for Mortgage brokers. The result? A rapidly growing business boasting a string of record months.

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Screenshots of the Life Supports web app, showing stats and user interface

Life Supports

Life Supports came to us exasperated after a failed Salesforce installation. They manage phone-based leads on behalf of other businesses, making them poorly suited to common out of the box CRM's. With a tailor-made CRM and a refined workflow, Alliance Software saved them over 10 minutes per call. This efficiency boost enabled them to scale their business without adding additional staff.

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Screenshot of the Foxie website, showing the homepage


Foxie helps people who are moving house get a great price on their energy, internet and utilities. Liaising with utility providers is complex because each of them use a different process and proprietary data formats. We helped Foxie setup an off the shelf CRM and then extended it to enable direct communication with each of the utility companies on their panel.

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