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Why build a Custom Booking Management Platform?

There are numerous high quality “Out of the Box” booking platforms in the market. However, our clients have had great commercial success working with us to develop industry specific platforms.

An over the shoulder view of a person using one of the applications Alliance has built.

Superior Usability & Design

Generic booking systems typically look generic, while a tailored platform can be built to match your specific customer's processes, and with a visual design that's perfectly targeted to your market.

Ben, our CEO, in discussion with two Alliance staff. Ben is in front of a whiteboard.

Industry Specific Requirements

Many industries have specialist needs that are poorly served by standard software. Perhaps in your industry bookings are complex and change regularly, perhaps there's special regulations that need to be considered or government reporting is difficult.

A client of Alliance Software, pointing at a computer monitor and discussing through requirements.

Own the Platform

Developing a platform means you own it outright. It can be the basis for a highly profitable recurring revenue business. When you build a platform you avoid paying hefty license fees payable to companies like Salesforce or Microsoft.

How we'll work with you to build your Booking Management Platform

These are the steps we take with our clients to develop a tailored Booking Management Platform. Learn more

Overview Call (Free)

A high level discussion about your project, objectives and timeframe. Based on this we can typically give you a ballpark price range within a few days.

3 Hour Workshop (Free)

In a highly interactive workshop we’ll clarify the key outcomes for success, list down the requirements for each of your users and cover off on the key technical performance needs of your system.

System Design & Estimate (Free)

Following the workshop our team will produce a written technical plan along with early designs for key screens. Using this we’re then able to provide project pricing.

Development in Cycles

We’ll work closely with you as we build out the platform. We focus on early & regular releases of working software to demonstrate progress and allow for adjustments.

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Launch & Support

Where possible, our goal is to have an ongoing working relationship with our clients. We offer both long term support and enhancements as required.

David Godbold

Alliance software was the key to the success of the project. They were able to work with all the other businesses involved and have the expertise to create a seamless solution.

David Godbold - CEO & Co-founder, bookitLive

Who we’ve helped with Custom Booking Management software

Showing the enrolnow app interface


Childcare bookings are surprisingly complex, with management juggling bookings across different days of the week, looking after sibling relationships, providing priority for disadvantaged children and staying within government rules for room allocation.

The EnrolNow platform uses highly sophisticated algorithms to provide optimal bookings even where providers have different priorities.

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Homepage of the bookitlive website


bookitLive offer a general purpose booking management platform used by customers around the globe. In order to compete in a crowded marketplace, bookitLive have built a number of industry specific extensions available to selected users. This process has enabled them to win both small businesses and large corporate accounts.

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AccessIQ app interface showing progress in course completion


accessIQ offer a full service booking and learning management platform in the RTO (Registered Training Organisation) sector. By providing course bookings, training delivery and streamlined government reporting, they’re rapidly becoming the dominant Australian provider for software of this kind.

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