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The HR platforms we’ve developed all perform one of two functions. The first group seeks to help managers understand their staff with features like surveys and profiling. They offer sophisticated reporting and in some cases are supported by expert consultants. The second group helps automate the administration tasks that HR departments must do.

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Why build a Custom HR Management Platform?

There's a wide range of “Out of the Box” HR packages offered at every price point, built to assist managers and owners with a variety of HR related challenges. So, why would you consider building your own software?

Enable Enhanced Comparison

Data collection from your workforce can be viewed as simply running a survey. However, a quality HR platform enables comparison between time periods and selected groups in a way that is often impossible with a traditional survey.

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Own the Platform

Organisations are increasingly looking to automate and improve their HR function and so the current opportunity to build and sell a HR based SaaS (Software as a Service) product is strong.

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Solve a Unique Problem

Lastly, some businesses simply have specific, unique HR related problems they’re looking to solve through software.

Our approach to creating a Customised HR Management Solution

Key steps to design & build a tailored software solution.

Validation (Optional)

If a platform is offering specific insights into staff preferences or recommending actions to take, it’s important to ensure that the underlying model is valid and can be statistically verified. We’ve been guided by organisational psychologists and used simple surveys to achieve this in the past.

Workshop & High Level Planning

Join us for a fast-paced interactive workshop where we’ll set the context for the project and explore the key inputs and outputs for each different type of platform user. Based on this we provide project pricing.

User Experience Research & Design

HR Platforms are typically used by a large number of staff, so it’s important to understand how they’ll use it and ensure that the software is simple & intuitive.

Development & Rollout

With a solid plan in place we move to development. You as the client will be actively involved in the process, giving input and testing components actively throughout.

Andrew Mellet

The outcome. A product that came in below budget, on time, has a 92% Net Promoter Score and is growing 10% month on month. A considerable amount of this success can be attributed to Alliance.

Andrew Mellet - Managing Director, Plexus

Who we’ve helped with Custom Built HR Management software

WhoGroup survey showing breakdown of best and worst performing

Who Group

The Who Group platform is a sophisticated staff profiling tool enabling corporations to perform a detailed analysis of staff preferences across their entire workforce. Built in conjunction with the Who Group’s specialist organisational psychologists, the platform facilitates year on year comparison of workforce attitudes and enables a unique blend of both self service reporting and expert input from consultants.

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Showing comparison report results and potential match results.

Hired Logic

The culture of every team within a larger organisation can vary and managers of teams each have different strengths and weaknesses. Hired Logic is built to solve the problem of assessing how well a prospective candidate is likely to fit with (and enjoy) the team they’ll be working with.

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TimeTracker schedule interface showing days of the week and allocated time slots

Time Tracker

After an extensive search for ‘out of the box’ software to fit our needs, we’ve opted to streamline a series of administrative HR tasks with our internal Time Tracking package. Challenges such as automatic payment of overtime, short and medium term scheduling and leave management have all been largely automated.

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