1. Kristie, an Alliance project manager, talking on the phone, pictured in front of a wall with the Alliance Software logo.

    Overview Call

    A high level discussion about your Machine Learning project, key outcomes, timeframes and special requirements. Plus we'll protect your IP with a signed NDA.

    Like to chat now? Call us on 03 9955 7000.

  2. Project Consult & Data Review

    The key to successfully training a Machine Learning model is having the right data to work with.

    A project analyst and data scientist will meet with you to discuss your project and review existing data. We'll agree on success criteria, estimate pricing and confirm we believe your project goals are achievable.

  3. An over the shoulder view of Aaron, one of our developers, who is coding on a large desktop monitor.

    Development & Testing

    See your project come to life! You'll work closely with a project manager and the whole team including a technical lead, the developers, a tester and a user experience design specialist.

    Work is done in agile sprints with regular demonstrations to you and, if possible, the end users of your system.

  4. Proof of Concept A.I. Model Creation (2-3 weeks)

    In standard programming we can guarantee the outcome in advance. However, with Machine Learning projects, whilst we can be reasonably confident, the only way to know for sure your ML model will succeed is by building it.

    Fortunately, the process of trialling a number of modeling approaches can be done quickly.

  5. A.I. Model Refinement & Deployment

    With a successful proof of concept in place, we now confidently undertake the bulk of the work in your project. Typically this will involve further refining your ML model, building data pipelines to collect data on an ongoing basis and developing the remainder of your platform.

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It's great to prove that this can be done. AI isn't for the future, it can be used right now! The Alliance team went over and above to deliver a successful proof of concept.

They're technically strong and communicate really well. Our team is excited about taking this through to production.

Karthik Krish - Technical Lead Innovation Projects, City of Canterbury Bankstown

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