Customer Relationship Management

Tailored ‘CRM’ systems that deliver on your unique processes and enable you to track every point of contact with your clients.

Tailored Quote & Workflow Platforms

Streamline your business with software uniquely tailored to your processes all the way from quote through to delivery & support.

“ERP” - Enterprise Resource Planning

Customised ERP solutions that integrate and streamline multiple functions in your business.

Learning Management Platforms

Specialist Learning Management or “LMS” platforms tailored to the way you deliver courses, manage enrolment and grade students.

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Booking Platforms

Bespoke, market specific booking platforms enable our clients to increase staff utilisation and decrease service costs.

Product Comparison Platforms

Facilitating the growing demand for a simple approach to the comparison of complex products such as health insurance, telecommunications services & energy.

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Big Data / Analytics

Automating the collection and storage of data from a variety of sources into a unified reporting platform to deliver powerful market insights. Learn more

System Integration Projects

Integrating multiple software platforms to increase efficiency & reduce costs without “reinventing the wheel”.

HR Platforms

From tailored payroll and invoice management software to platforms using the best of organisational psychology to attract and retain quality staff.