Running a promotion in Australia is complicated with widely different legal requirements state to state. Companies typically spend $2,000 plus and wait weeks for a specialist lawyer to draft their T’s & C’s.

We helped Plexus create a fully self service platform that non-lawyers can use to produce fully compliant documents for even the most creative promotion.

Define & Visualise

Alliance consultation with client, discussion in front of a whiteboard.

Handling Complexity with 10,000 Permutations

The potential complexity of a trade promotion is genuinely high. A myriad of laws exist based on the state a person lives in, the type of prizes being given (alcohol vs event entry vs mobile phone ring tones), who the recipients are (e.g. people vs businesses, child vs adult), the ways people win (lucky draws vs skill based competitions vs earned prizes), the ways they receive different prizes and how we handle unclaimed prizes.

Before working with us, Plexus had developed an offering with an off the shelf tool which, despite significant effort, never became effectively self service. Early on we constantly asked the question “is it possible to build something that is both powerful enough to be useful and simple enough for our target users?”.

We had a number meetings and workshops with Plexus’s legal specialists and produced (and reworked) an extensive set of mockups showing a walkthrough for different scenario’s.

Validation - Will the user love it?

Using Demo’s To Really Understand

All along we were open to failure and to being wrong. We knew we were building something truly new and innovative. We were determined to gain real feedback early and often so in addition to deep consultation with Plexus domain experts (e.g. lawyers) during the visualisation step above, Plexus also performed a number of demonstrations to clients and end users and the learnings from these were incorporated back into the platform.

Montage of screens from the plexus wireframes, showing login screen, dashboard and password reset.

Development - Delivering your vision

Alliance in discussion with Plexus client, reviewing on a tablet device.

Lean tactics get us to market quickly

Our development was fully Agile. We produced early working prototypes, tested them on users and learned quickly. For a number of months, key Plexus staff worked on site with us reviewing work, working directly with our PM & dev team and providing additional input on how to handle the hundreds of edge cases we discovered.

With such a complex project, we needed to break it down to get market feedback as quickly as possible. Firstly we created the front-end data collection tool, a highly interactive step-by-step interface for collecting the details of a promotion. With the first step in place the product was launched and initially it was Plexus lawyers doing all the document production work.

This allowed us to get to market quickly and gain further user feedback and from here we built out the automatic document production component of the system. We faced a constant pressure between being simple to use for basic promotions and first time users and powerful enough for expert users.

The Plexus project represents some of our best thinking and it’s these complex challenges we love.

Maintain & Evolve

Part of the bigger picture

Following launch we’ve continued to receive user feedback and have made numerous incremental improvements. We’re now working with Plexus on expanding the platform to help them reach their grander ambition of automating the Australian legal industry.

Two screens from Plexus wireframes showing promotions dashboard and promotion workflow.

Andrew Mellett

When working with an external supplier you can learn a lot about them from the language they use. Most say ‘you could do’, the folks at Alliance have always used ‘we could do’. It is a sign of their orientation. They think about our success as theirs. Their advice is often a mix of sound business acumen, contrarian thinking and technical excellence. The outcome of this approach is a product that came in below budget, on time, has a 92% Net Promoter Score and is growing 10% month on month. A considerable amount of this success can be attributed to Alliance. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Andrew Mellett – Managing Director, Plexus

Mockup of the Plexus app on desktop PC and laptop