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Alliance Software utilises a broad range of cutting edge technologies including AI & ML as part of our mobile application and software development services.

We can add real time predictive power to your platform or technology, enabling your business to gain insights & a genuine competitive edge.

We specialise in Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Business Intelligence (BI), Image Processing and a range of related AI / ML services.

We're your local machine learning company.

Project Types and Services

Whether you're building core business technology with well-defined requirements, or learning as you take a new idea to market, we can deliver the best solutions in personalised software.

Insights & Predictions based on Business Data

Does your business have access to a wide variety of key business data, but fail to make effective use of it?

By applying the latest in Machine Learning we can help you predict key customer behaviour, including future purchases and churn.

Audio/Video Analysis and Image Recognition

Do you capture photographic, audio or video footage? Would you like to be able to make accurate, real time predictions with this data?

Our data scientists have successfully developed predictive models for a variety of image analysis applications.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a more advanced and automated form of Machine Learning. Let us show you how to use Deep Learning to build powerful supervised or unsupervised models to help increase operational speed, reduce errors and automate your processes.

Custom or Off the Shelf ML Models

Our highest priority is helping you achieve your business outcomes, so we'll happily deploy either custom-built artificial intelligence solutions or use off-the-shelf solutions from Google, Amazon, Microsoft or others.

Curious to find out how AI can be applied to your business?

AI / Machine Learning Services

AI and ML are tools that can be targeted to solve specific business problems. Here are just a few of the areas where these tools can be applied to business today.

Grow Sales

Improve purchase volume and frequency with a recommendation engine tailored to your business. Grow revenue with intelligent optimisation of your advertising.

Reduce Risk & Improve Security

Detect anomalies and fraudulent transactions in large data sets. Use facial and object recognition in image and video to identify intruders.

Manage Resources & Operations

Use intelligent demand prediction to optimise staffing and physical asset allocation. Maximise inventory turns whilst reducing stock shortages with machine based sales projections.

Retain Customers

Protect your profits and reduce customer churn by predicting, in advance, those customers most likely to leave you.

Increase Production

Detect manufacturing defects in real time. Assist knowledge workers with context sensitive recommendations, text analysis and document categorisation at scale.

Support Customers

Use intelligent support agents, in concert with human support staff, to create a high quality and scalable customer support function.

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Andrew Mellett

The outcome. A product that came in below budget, on time, has a 92% Net Promoter Score and is growing 10% month on month. A considerable amount of this success can be attributed to Alliance.

Andrew Mellett - Managing Director, Plexus

Recent Projects

Rental Yield Prediction

We've created automated tools to analyse recent real estate sales and predict likely rental yields.

Automated Synchronisation of Audio and Slides

Our video creation platform allows users to upload custom audio and slides and performs the timing synchronisation automatically.

Room Type Detection in Real Estate.

Identifying room types from photographs and synchronising with the written content in real estate listings to automatically generate sales videos.

Object and Point of Focus Identification

We've built algorithms to highlight the key objects in any photograph and, where a caption such as “the boy walked onto the green school bus” exists, identify the named objects in a sentence.

Rainforest Animal Identification

We've developed algorithms to monitor time-delay photographs and identify a range of wildlife based on the photo stream.

Curious to find out how AI can be applied to your business?

Preferred Machine Learning Technologies

Programming Languages - Python, Swift, Java, JavaScript
Platforms - iOS, Android, macOS, Linux

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