An integrated software platform built specifically for your business

Tired of using a variety of software packages that don’t talk to each other? Caught up in endless spreadsheets that quickly get out of date? Perhaps it’s time to integrate the key parts of your business into a single unified platform that ‘just works’.

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Why build a Custom ERP Platform?

ERP platforms combine multiple business functions, which means they’re typically complex. Because of this, most mid tier and large enterprises needing an ERP are best served with an ‘out of the box’ package.

Zero Licence Fees

The most powerful ‘out of the box’ ERPs also come with high ongoing licence fees, typically paid on a per user basis. A proprietary solution can quickly become cost competitive for organisations with a large number of staff or external users.

Ben, our CEO, in discussion with two Alliance Software employees, in front of a whiteboard

Industry Specific Needs

Some customers have industry specific requirements that simply aren't well served by any existing ERP platforms.

An over the shoulder view of a person using one of the applications Alliance has built.

Aesthetics & Usability Matter

Sophisticated ERP's are often complex and require a lot of training. If you'll be sharing access with ‘time poor’ external users or a section of your workforce has low technical skills, a custom-built can be preferable as they're often far easier to use.

Our approach to a tailored ERP Platform

These are the steps we take with our clients to develop a tailored ERP solution.

Overview Call

A high level discussion of your business and the objectives for your project. A few days following this we’ll give you ballpark pricing.

Understand Your Current Processes

We begin by taking time to understand the key processes that run your business. Typically this means both looking at systems (software, forms, spreadsheets etc) and talking to key staff.

Planning & Workshops

Join us for a high paced, interactive planning workshop. In just three hours we’ll identify and complete an early design for the key components of your platform.

Architecture Decisions

Either during the workshop or following it, we’ll agree on key inclusions and exclusions. Often customer-facing components like CRM’s, document management or customer portals are included, whilst we may still opt to integrate with generic off the shelf packages like accounting software.

Staged Development

Most projects consist of core deliverables and nice to have features. We build using agile principles and where possible seek to deliver in stages. Our goal is to maximise your immediate benefits whilst allowing time to both spread the cost and importantly, introduce change to your people.

Marcus Andrews

The software is a perfect blend of the best of both our companies’ thinking. We can’t speak highly enough of the work Alliance Software has done.

Marcus Andrews - Founder & Counsellor, Life Supports Counselling

Who we’ve helped with Custom Built ERP software

Screenshots of the New Age Caravans web app, showing purchase options

New Age

NewAge are one of Australia’s largest caravan manufacturers. Their lifecycle encompases remote sales (e.g. at display centres and trade shows), a high degree of customisation, scheduling based staff and materials availability, quality assurance, customer handover and warranty management.

We worked closely with NewAge to develop a central platform that both optimised throughput and enabled visibility to all players in the process.

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TimeTracker schedule interface showing days of the week and allocated time slots

Time Tracker

With humble beginnings as a time tracking tool for professional services, we’ve grown our internal time tracking platform to include billing, budget management, staff scheduling and human resource management functions.

The result? Our customers now have full transparency into the progress of their project and our finance staff can complete a billing cycle for 35 staff in less time than when we had just a handful.

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