Streamline & visualise your business processes.

An effective workflow management platform will flawlessly execute your processes whilst hiding complexity from your users.

The right setup can dramatically improve business operations through increased quality and consistency, reduced staff hours, better reporting and less reliance on experts.

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Why build a Custom Workflow Management Platform?

There's a wide range of “Out of the Box” Workflow Management Systems to choose from, so why would a business develop their own?

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Perfect Fit

Even with configuration, out of the box platforms typically still impose a certain way of working. Our clients prefer a fully tailored solution to avoid making compromises.

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Easier to Use

Out of the box platforms use generic screen layouts. Clients often complain these screens do a poor job of guiding low skilled users through a process or become cluttered because every field is always on display.

Lower Costs

Often the cost to build a tailored solution is less than the licensee and installation fees for higher end packages like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

How we’ll create your Workflow Management Software

These are the steps we’ll take you through to design and develop a tailored workflow solution.

Ballpark Pricing (Free)

We’ve built numerous workflow platforms over 20 years. We begin with an overview meeting and can give you ballpark estimates to ensure the project is viable.

Background Research (Free)

Here we work to understand your current business processes. At a minimum we’ll review your existing systems (e.g. paper forms, spreadsheets and existing software) and if possible, interview key users. This process can normally be completed in one week.

Three Hour Workshop (Free)

We’ll meet with members of your team and run a workshop that confirms key priorities, lists the tasks each user must perform and visually maps your business processes.

Project Pricing

Following the workshop, we’ll prepare a detailed pricing proposal, typically broken down into a minimum base platform and optional features for your consideration.

User Interface Design & Review

Following the workshop we’ll often build mockups or draft interfaces for key parts of the proposed software. Where appropriate, we’ll take this back to members of your organisation for feedback and improvement. Internally, we’ll also write a technical implementation plan.


Based on the understanding we’ve gained, we’re now ready to develop your tailored workflow platform. We apply agile principles and where possible, we seek to deliver in small increments. This allows your staff to give feedback which ensures we’re meeting each of your key objectives.

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Finally, we’re available to build additional features over time as your business evolves.

Gerald Brown

Happy to say we’ve enjoyed a quality long-term partnership with Alliance Software. They’re technically very strong and easy to work with. The ItsMy Group has evolved a lot during our time together. Alliance has helped us design key parts of our platforms and been flexible in how we work together.

Gerald Brown - CEO, ItsMy Group

Who we’ve helped with Workflow Management software

Showing the home page of the Broker Engine website

Broker Engine

The Mortgage Broking process often varies significantly by loan type. Broker Engine came to us feeling trapped due to the cost, poor performance and inflexibility of Microsoft Dynamics.
We’ve worked with them to create a platform deeply tailored to the mortgage broking process.

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Screenshots of the ItsMy home page, showing health selector

ItsMy Group

The ItsMy Group provides health insurance comparison online and via telephone. They service clients directly and also assist other companies. The complexity of their processes and the need for direct integration with a broad range of health funds made it critical to develop an elegant, tailored platform.

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