We’ve come a long way…


Contract Programming

Nearing the end of his undergraduate degree, Ben discovers contract programming beats working at McDonalds.

Alliance chosen as the name because long term partnerships are important.


First Staff

Based originally in rural Victoria, we take on our first staff member and first “serious” client.


Founders Meet

Ben & Levi meet at Melbourne University. Levi’s finishing a double degree in Law & Software Engineering, Ben is doing a Masters degree in Software Engineering part time.


Get Serious or Take a Career Job

Ben receives a compelling offer to join Accenture and Levi is in line for roles with Google or Microsoft. It’s time to get serious or get out. Levi becomes a business partner and the decision is made to grow a “real” business. A huge thanks to our wives who supported us!


Early Growth

Within two years of turning down corporate jobs, the business grows to nine staff. Ben and Levi soon learn the value of highly skilled staff and the need for management and leadership skills. Significant effort is made to refine a highly effective recruitment platform.

Noble Samurai

First Startup - Noble Samurai

In partnership with our former general manager, Eugene Ware, we launch Noble Samurai. We discover how challenging and expensive a startup can be.

Our flagship product Market Samurai will in time be downloaded over 1,600,000 times and sell over 90,000 copies.


Second Startup - Web2TV

In partnership with a key client, Aged Care Online, we develop Web2TV; an in house TV platform for the Aged Care industry. In time we grow to reach over 10,000 residents.


Web Elements Acquired

After a series of successful collaborations, Alliance Software acquires the digital design agency Web Elements. New staff Daniel and Luke patiently teach the very technically minded Alliance staff the value of User Experience design and open doors to key new client relationships.


First Mobile App

We build our first commercial mobile app. Over the coming years we develop a series of apps, often to integrate with larger web platforms.


Focus on Custom Software & Supporting Services

As experience and reputation in delivering complex custom software grows, the strategic decision is made to stop offering web design and online marketing services and focus exclusively on software development and supporting services; including User Experience consulting.


From PHP to Python

After a series of successful projects, the strategic decision is made to use Python as our default server side programming language.


Web2TV Sold to Swift Media

Our startup journey goes full circle as we sell our Aged Care platform to a public company.

Swift logo

Second Round Growth

With Web2TV sold and a clear technical direction, Alliance nearly doubles in size over a four year period.


Growing Up – Systems & Culture

Values are clarified and become core to all we do. A serious investment is made to formalise systems and processes across the company from project delivery, finance, hiring and more. Ben can take an 8 week holiday and the business performs well.


Artificial Intelligence

The strategic decision is made to develop a specialisation in Artificial Intelligence (or Machine Learning).

Expertise grows through both hiring and internal staff training. Excitement builds as early projects are completed.


Bigger Projects

Successful completion of three projects in the 500K - 1.5 million dollar range.

Our Founders

Ben Stickland - Founder and CEO

Ben Stickland

- Founder & CEO

Ben founded Alliance in 1999 during his final year of University. Despite topping his entire graduating year and receiving a variety of enticing offers, Ben opted to build the Alliance business.

Ben is a passionate entrepreneur with a deep interest in both tech startups and business process optimisation. To this day, Ben continues to take a hands on role in a number of startups; including serving as both a board member and key strategic advisor.

B. Computing
B. Management (Marketing)
Masters (Software Eng)
Levi Cameron - Tech Lead and Director

Levi Cameron

- Tech Lead and Director

In 2004, Levi Cameron became a business partner and the technical lead of the firm. Levi is a world class engineer and technologist and has been the catalyst for Alliance identifying and attracting its team of high calibre developers.

The partnership has proved to be very successful, with Ben providing the passion, energy and strategy; balanced by Levi’s stable and consistent technical leadership. This union has allowed Alliance to grow whilst also funding and incubating two successful tech startups.

BEng (Software, Hons)
LLB (Hons)
Our team
  • 5+ Project Managers
  • 22+ Developers
  • 4+ UX Analysts
  • 400+ Projects

Our values - We ‘feed the GOAT’

We hire, reward and regularly review everyone here by our “GOAT” values.

Great to work with

We know someone is great to work with when they:

1. Are positive and considerate - nice to work with

2. Encourage peer success - actively help those they work with be their best

3. Teach and learn - are always learning and look for opportunities to teach others


As an individual, I live the ownership value when:

1. I do what I say - go the extra mile to keep my commitments, big or small

2. I actively communicate - regularly keep my team informed - no surprises

3. I’m invested - care about the technical and business outcomes of my work


We place a high value on intelligence and have refined our recruitment processes over many years to help us find highly capable staff. We define ability as the balance of:

1. Speed - how quickly I produce my work

2. Quality - the calibre of the work I do

3. Insight - the broader thinking I bring to my work


We’re actively open in our work together. Ideas & processes can be challenged by anyone (not just our most senior staff). We live this in three ways.

1. Open by default - we tell the truth, good or bad. Our only secrets are “other people’s” secrets, e.g. confidential staff or client information

2. Direct conversations - no politics, instead we raise problems kindly and directly with those involved

3. Acknowledge my mistakes - we make it easy for others to have a direct conversation with us by openly acknowledging our mistakes

Our Leadership and Management Team

Our leadership and management team: Kristie Davis (Project Management), Naser Soueid (Project Management), Andrea Stickland (Legal & Finance), Levi Cameron (Tech Lead & Director), Sarah Peeke (Account Management), Ben Stickland (Founder & CEO), David Coates (CTO), Alex Green (General Manager)

Kristie Davis (Project Management), Naser Soueid (Project Management), Andrea Stickland (Legal & Finance), Levi Cameron (Tech Lead & Director), Sarah Peeke (Account Management), Ben Stickland (Founder & CEO), David Coates (CTO), Alex Green (General Manager)

Why established businesses choose us

Custom Business Applications

Need an elegant, robust and fully tailored solution? We’re easy to understand, and focus on your key business outcomes.

Ben, the Alliance CEO, discussing a flowchart on a whiteboard with Naser and Luke.

Tech Startups

Taking a new idea to market? We’ve funded & built two of our own highly successful startups & we’d love to help you through the process.

Artificial Intelligence

Discover the many ways AI can help grow and streamline your business right now. Talk to one of our AI specialists today.

Want to work on site? No problems.

Some clients like to work side by side with the team delivering their project. We’ve setup dedicated workspaces for this purpose and you’re welcome anytime.

Why tech startups partner with us:

Fast to market

With 35+ staff, quality prebuilt modules and “can-do” pragmatism, we’re geared up to create your “Minimum Lovable Product” and get your revenue flowing ASAP.

Web2TV: 10k+ aged care rooms. Vidnami: 7.5k+ paid monthly subscribers.

We've done it ourselves

We’ve made mistakes, learned key lessons and launched two successful startups of our own. Our first startup went all the way to a successful trade sale and our second now earns 1.5 million in recurring revenue. We’d love to help you too.

Kristie, an Alliance project manager, who is pointing at a screen at reception.

We care about your success

We genuinely care about your commercial success. Whether it’s helping you with fast, low cost techniques to test and refine your concept or strategic guidance as you progress, we’re focused on what matters to you.

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