We thrive on helping established businesses flourish and entrepreneurs launch successful tech startups.  We do this by creating elegant and sophisticated custom software that people love.

Where we've come from

Ben Stickland CEO and Founder
Ben Stickland – Founder & CEO B. Computing, B. Management (Marketing), Masters (Software Eng)
Levi Cameron Tech Lead and Director
Levi Cameron – Tech Lead & Director BEng(Software, Hons), LLB(Hons)

Alliance Software is an Agile Software Development firm founded in 1999 by Ben Stickland during his final year of University. Despite topping his entire graduating year and receiving a variety of enticing offers, Ben opted to build the Alliance business.

Ben is a passionate entrepreneur with a deep interest in both marketing and business process optimisation. To this day, Ben continues to take a hands on role in a number of startups including serving as both a board member and key strategic advisor.

In 2004, Levi Cameron became a business partner and the technical lead of the firm. Levi is a world class engineer and technologist and has been the catalyst for Alliance identifying and attracting its team of high calibre developers. The partnership has proved to be very successful, with Ben providing the passion, energy and strategy, balanced by Levi’s stable and consistent technical leadership. This union has allowed Alliance to fund and incubate two successful tech startups.

Our Management Team

Photo of the Management team standing in front of wall at the Alliance Software offices
Andrea Stickland (Legal & Finance), Scott Petersen (Business Development), Levi Cameron (Tech Lead & Director), Ben Stickland (Founder & CEO), Alex Green (Head of Operations)

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Our Tech Startups

Noble Samurai

In 2010 we founded our first tech startup Noble Samurai, most notable for its flagship products Market Samurai and Content Samurai. Facing off challenges from competitors with tens of millions in venture capital funding (that almost sank us), the company now boasts a robust balance sheet, strong recurring income and a database of over 400,000 users.


In 2012 we founded Web2TV, providing an in house TV system tailored to the Aged Care Industry. Again we experienced the highs and lows of tech ventures with a number of tough years of ongoing investment required before we reached viability. We were excited to recently achieve a successful sale of the business to Swift Networks, a Perth based publicly listed firm.

Our Core Values

Day in, day out, we strive to live by these values:

Great to Work With

We’re positive & considerate, we encourage peer success and teach & learn from one another.


As individuals, we do what we say, we actively communicate and we’re “invested”, we care about the outcomes of our work.


We care about capability and see it as the blend of speed, quality, and the insight we bring to our work.


We are open by default, we’re comfortable having direct conversations and we acknowledge our mistakes.

Get a ballpark estimate for your project in 5 business hours

Ooh, yes please!
Screen shot of sample pages from a sales pitch document

Want to work on site? No problems.

Some clients like to work side by side with the team delivering their project. We’ve setup dedicated workspaces for this purpose and you’re welcome anytime.

We’re easy to work with

We listen deeply, speak your language and are generally nice folks. Also, we’re deliberately flexible – we understand successful projects adapt to their markets so we actively embrace change in projects.

We’re reliable

We’ve been in business for almost two decades and we’re structured to both deliver your project effectively and to provide ongoing support once it’s running. We see this as a long term partnership (that’s why we chose the name Alliance Software).

We’re always growing

Alliance has grown to 35 local staff with industry leading skills in UX, Development and Online Strategy and is actively seeking to increase in size through 2018 and beyond.

We’ve done it ourselves

When we help with strategy it’s not just a theory we learned in a book. We understand from our own experience what it’s like to risk your time, money and reputation in a tech startup. We’ve personally funded and built two successful tech startups.

We focus on your ROI

We know that our success comes from your success, so we use lean approaches to quickly deliver on key outcomes and reduce waste in projects.

We’re clever

We’re software engineers – we love a hard technical challenge