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Waterflow – Water Trading Made Easy

Water is a precious resource, with the needs of farmers and the environment often in tension. Farmers complain that buying and selling water ‘rights’ is complex because weather and geography can change what's possible on a daily basis.

Harnessing Python's rich data transformation features we combined 42 different data sources to offer a free platform that simplifies water trading decisions.

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Largest database of its kind in Australia
Montage of Waterflow mobile screens showing interface and graphs

Canterbury Bankstown – AI for Recycling

Every week millions of Australians place non-recyclable waste into recycling bins. This adds tens of millions to our nation's processing costs and often means recyclable waste goes into landfill.

Canterbury Bankstown engaged Alliance Software to create Python based machine learning models and demonstrate that AI can be used to identify non-recyclable contaminants as bins are collected.

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82% precision in identifying contaminated waste
Montage of AI image recognition.

Enrol Now – Powerful Child Care Scheduling

Managing room allocations and waitlists at child care centers is difficult and time consuming. We worked with Enrol Now to create an automated allocation system which identifies the best placement for children based on age, sibling relationships, day-of-week preferences and more.

Everybody wins because optimal allocations improve profitability, reduce manual work and help more families get the care they want.

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45k room placements
Montage of EnrolNow application
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Python in action

See why many of the world's most popular platforms are built in Python.

Sophisticated Web Applications

Python is powerful, easy to work with and boasts a massive array of free libraries making it the perfect choice for building fast, elegant and easy to maintain web applications.

AI & Machine Learning

Python is the world's default language for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It offers both mature tools and numerous open source datasets that power machine learning projects in computer vision, speech recognition, structured data analysis and more.

Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

Python is a first class programming language on all of the major cloud computing platforms (e.g. Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and Microsoft’s Azure), making it a perfect choice to build highly scalable platforms.

Data Extraction & Conversion

Python boasts a rich set of data science libraries making it perfect for working with large datasets and performing sophisticated data extraction & conversion work.

Powering Mobile Apps

Python's flexibility makes it the perfect server side technology to mobile apps on both the Apple & Android platforms. That's why it's used by Instagram, Spotify, Uber, Netflix and more.

Upgrading Legacy Platforms

Created in the mid 90's there are numerous older Python platforms still running. Fortunately, given the stability & long term popularity of the language it's often possible to modernise, secure and support older Python platforms without a rebuild.

Andrew Mellet

I wish we'd switched to Alliance earlier… The Alliance programmers are fast, responsive, technically brilliant (I feel like we can throw anything their way). They've taken the time to know our business and given us lots of great ideas.

Tyron Ball - CEO, WebIP

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15+ Python Specialists

Python is our preferred programming language & Django our preferred web development framework.

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All the Skills You Need

In addition to programmers, we have all the specialists you'll need to deliver a complex project including UX, testing, business analysts, DevOps and more.

Seamless Transition

We make moving developers simple. We can do a direct take over or co-ordinate a transition with your current Python developers.

Friendly, Insightful Staff

We're helpful professionals who take ownership and bring both technical and business insights to our work. We're much more than ordinary “coders”

Flexible Placement

We can work from our office or yours – whatever's best for the project!

100% Local Staff

We employ Australian based developers only. This helps us ensure high-quality work and strong communication.

Renovate over Rebuild

Unless there are clear savings to be made, we rarely recommend a rebuild, preferring instead to enhance and fix problems as we go.

A Long-Term Partnership

We value genuine, long term relationships with our clients. After 21 years we still work closely with some of our earliest customers.

Engagement Models

We're ready to work your way

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On Demand Staffing

Quickly place Python specialists to augment your exiting team.

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Project Teams

We'll scope, manage and successfully deliver your project from start to finish

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Maintenance and Support

Relax with a flexible support and maintenance that's tailored to your needs.

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