How you can quickly complete your Javascript project without rebuilding your current code.

Are you sick of having to micro-manage your project and missing key deadlines? Are your developers becoming harder and harder to work with?

You’re not alone…

If you’ve had a development project go bad we have the solution.

Alliance Software are Javascript specialists and we’re ready to take over your project and quickly give you real development momentum without you needing micro manage ever again. Within just three days our expert developers will audit your software and a manager will talk through what needs fixing and any new features you’d like.

Imagine being backed by a development team who understand what you want, deliver quality updates fast and on budget and who don’t soak up all your time and energy. We’re a 25 person specialist web programming firm and last year we spent over 4,170 hours helping clients just like you recover their failing software projects and finally see the outcomes they’re looking for.

Here’s what one client had to say:

Wished we switched to Alliance earlier…

If you’re having trouble with your current programmers and looking to switch, definitely try Alliance.

Our previous developers were hard working and earnest, but we got bogged down and frustrated as we hit problem after problem. The Alliance programmers are fast, responsive, technically brilliant (I feel like we can throw anything their way) and they’ve taken the time to know our business and given us lots of great ideas.

Thanks guys – love it!

Tyron Ball – CEO WebIP

What you’ll get with Alliance

30 Minute Needs Analysis

Your choice of a call or in person visit to discuss your business or organisation, the software project and what needs to happen now.

A free code audit report

If it sounds like we can help, we’ll arrange a free code review of your project (we’ll let you know the appropriate access we require).

Action plan

Armed with the audit findings we’ll work with you on a plan to address unfinished work, bug fixes and future features.

Arrange your Free Code Audit Today

Free, huh? Absolutely! It’s our investment in what we hope will be a great ongoing service partnership. 
We’re dedicated to servicing our clients well and so regularly remove this free offer – so don’t delay!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Nunawading, Melbourne, Australia

How many developers do you have?

15 of our 25 staff are developers. We also employ project managers, a UX team, administration staff and a dedicated tester.

Can I use my existing software or will I need to start again?

Our goal is always to work with the existing code. We suggest a rebuilt in less than 5% of cases and only where significant flaws exist and the cost of rectifying these would be more than a rebuild.

How will you get access to my software?

Most clients give us access to their server (we’re happy to talk you through this). Where confidentiality is important we’re happy to supply and sign Non Disclosure agreements that bind us and to review a separate copy of the code (e.g. a backup).

How long will it take to get the audit report?

We’ll call you within one business day to arrange the audit. Reports are typically delivered within seven days.

What skills do you have besides Javascript Development?

Our core skill is custom software development. We support this with highly capable graphic design and usability specialists.

We’re also experienced in launching tech startups having launched two successful ventures that employ 12 staff and generate millions in annual revenue. One of our startups was recently sold to a publicly listed company.