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Need a mobile app that connects seamlessly with your larger business systems? Looking for a complete solution that combines mobile apps & a sophisticated web application. Our mobile app specialists are here to help.

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Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Australian Government

Tailor made mobile projects

Recent projects showing our mobile app development services.

Waterflow – Serving Farmers in Remote Austrlia

Farmers and irrigators buy and sell the right to draw water from Australia's river systems. With sponsorship from the federal government, we developed the nation's largest water price database.

But data is only useful if it's accessible and farmers in remote areas often have very poor mobile reception. So we developed native apps for both iOS and Android that deliberately minimised data transfer whilst still enabling sophisticated graphs and visualisations to be displayed. Turns out our apps are popular during long shifts on a tractor!

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Largest database of its kind in Australia
Montage of Waterflow mobile screens showing interface and graphs

Sports Performance Tracking – GPS for Sports Teams

SPT are global leaders in the use of GPS tracking for high performance sporting clubs.

SPT's in-house engineers had already created a sophisticated web based platform and we were engaged to develop a mobile application for use by coaches during training. We discovered that most of the mobile app’s required features already existed in the web platform. Rather than develop from scratch, we worked with SPT to repurpose their existing code into mobile apps saving both time and money. We then extended the apps to communicate in real time with each athlete's trackers using bluetooth.

The result? The analytical power of SPT is now in the hand of every coach - in real time.

750k games and training sessions tracked
Montage of AI image recognition.

Enrol Now – Sign in/out Managed for Kindergartens

EnrolNow is a long term client offering a comprehensive platform to manage kindergarten enrolments. Recently they asked us to develop a digital sign in / sign out solution and after discussing options we opted to develop a Progressive Web App (PWA).

PWA's are perfect for this scenario because they're cheaper to build than native mobile apps, shipping updates are simple and importantly, they work offline. This means that even if the internet goes down at a kindergarten, children can still be safely managed.

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280k care days scheduled
Montage of EnrolNow application
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Let's use the right technology for your mobile app

When it comes to mobile development there are three different approaches you can take. We have experience in each of them.



  • Full technical flexibility
  • Best user experience, “feels” like a platform specific native app.
  • Download via App / Play stores

Technologies we use:

Tech we use: Sift, Kotlin and Java

Cross Platform


  • Cheaper to build
  • Potential to reuse code from your web platform
  • Well suited to many business apps
  • Download via App / Play stores

Technologies we use:

Tech we use: React Native and capacitor

Progressive Web Apps


  • Cheapest to develop
  • Deployments are instant
  • Some functionality limits
  • Direct download from your website

Technologies we use:

Tech we use: JavaScript and HTML
Amanda Read

We love Alliance. They brought our product to life! They were collaborative, transparent, responsive and friendly so we felt in control of our project.

Amanda Read - Co-founder, EnrolNow

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