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Why build a Custom Learning Management Platform?

There's a wide range of “Out of the Box” LMS packages available, so why would a business choose to build their own?

Naser, an Alliance Software project manager, walks through with a client some wireframes posted on a wall.

Industry Specific Requirements

Often industries require specialist approaches that are poorly served by commercial platforms. These might include unique course structures or the need to meet specific government reporting rules.

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More than a Learning Platform

Often the Learning Management System is an important part of a larger business platform. Clients often discover that integrating multiple out of the box systems results in complex and difficult to follow business processes.

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Own & Resell the Platform

We've worked with multiple clients to build industry specific platforms that they then resell on a Software as a Service (SAAS) model to their industry.

How we’ll create your Custom LMS

These are the steps we take with our clients to develop a tailored learning management platform for you.

Indicative Pricing (Free)

We’ll take a high level brief and give you indicative pricing. This means you can be confident costs are within your budget before you invest further time.

3 Hour Workshop (Free)

Join us for a fast paced workshop to map out your project. Clients regularly report this highly interactive session provides great clarity on the project and helps set priorities for development.

Pricing & Technical Plan (Free)

We’ll take the outcomes of the workshop and plan the development of your project. Key outcomes include a technical plan, key interface designs and a detailed pricing proposal.

User Experience Research & Interface Design (Optional)

Sometimes the workshop uncovers key questions that are fundamental to the project. Rather than rushing to development, often we’ll partner with clients to interview prospective users. Where interface design is critical we’ll often create a series of interface designs and present them to prospective users for feedback.

Software Development

We’ll deploy a team of three to seven specialists to develop your project. Our staff work closely with you throughout the project, delivering regularly and involving you heavily in both design and review. Rather than simply building from the technical plan, we use an agile methodology that seeks your active feedback and direction throughout the process.

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Support & Enhancements

With your platform successfully deployed we’re either happy to hand over to an internal technical team, or in most cases, we’ll maintain a long term relationship providing support and additional feature development as needed.

Drew Sutherland

The Alliance team consistently demonstrates a high level of technical capability but more importantly, they share our vision for success. They remain approachable and are able to deliver a strong balance between the technical system requirements and the user experience.

Drew Sutherland - Director, accessIQ

Who we’ve helped with Learning Management System software

Typsy composite of home page and app


With the ambition to become the default global platform for hospitality training, we worked closely with Typsy to understand how the hospitality staff actually learn. The result is a platform that delivers short lessons with quick assessments (perfect for breaks) and that empowers employees to maintain recognition via a “virtual resume” even when they move between employers.

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AccessIQ app interface showing progress in course completion


The Australian regulations and reporting requirements for Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) is onerous. In addition, there’s growing demand for training providers to offer learning “pathways” that build on prior learning. We’ve worked with accessIQ to develop an industry leading platform that streamlines compliance and offers course sequencing unlike any other.

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