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The number of options for people buying services like insurance, electricity, telecommunications and travel are huge. The process can easily feel overwhelming. Product comparison platforms play an important role to simplify the process and help consumers make better choices.

We've built a number of comparison platforms in energy, health insurance, travel, wholesale food and more.

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Key challenges when building a Comparison Platform

Through developing a range of comparison platforms, we’ve identified the following key challenges in every project. Got questions? Feel free to give us a call.

Levi, an Alliance Software developer, talking with a client while they both look at a computer monitor.

Self Service vs. Guided Service

The level of technical competence will vary between your users. Will you allow customers to pause their online comparison process and ask for assistance from a salesperson?

Lady in a warehouse looking at inventory details on a tablet.

Handling Price & Product Updates

How will the platform be populated with new products and updated pricing? Ideally suppliers will offer a reliable API, however in some cases we’ve used, with permission, automated website scraping or an annual spreadsheet upload.

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Automating Order Submissions

How will orders be submitted through to your suppliers? Do you need to integrate with each supplier? Do they each follow a different process? Is there a centralised API available?

How we’ll help you build your Comparison Platform

These are the steps we take with our clients when developing a tailored comparison system.

3 Hour Workshop (Free)

The bulk of our engagements begin with a free three hour workshop where we agree on key project priorities, identify the functions users will be able to perform and map out the sequence customers take as they make their selection.

Indicative Pricing

Following the workshop, we’ll present indicative pricing and early interface design concepts for your review.

Technical Viability

Comparison platforms are, by nature, highly dependent on external sources for data. Where possible, we directly validate each data source or target.

User Experience (UX) Design

Comparison businesses exist to simplify complex choices. We employ UX specialists ready to apply expert design thinking and, where possible, direct user research to ensure customer interfaces are simple and easy to understand.


We engage our clients deeply throughout the development process. We take an agile approach to development, seeking to deliver working software in short cycles (typically 2 weeks). This process allows for early and regular feedback to ensure a successful outcome.

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Ongoing Support

We’ve maintained a strong working relationship with the bulk of our product comparison clients. We offer both ongoing support and on demand updates and enhancements.

Rod Carr

Building the platform with Alliance Software has been a wonderful partnership. They took the time to really understand water markets, and Ben and his team brought much more than just excellent technical skills. They’ve truly helped shape the product and always push us to keep a strong focus on serving our customers.

Rod Carr - Director, Marsden Jacob Associates

Who we’ve helped with Product Comparison software

Screenshots of the ItsMy home page, showing health selector

ItsMy Group

The ItsMy Group offer a range of comparison services. The platform we’ve built for them in health enables both direct and expert assisted comparison of thousands of health insurance products and direct integration with a broad number of suppliers, each with their own data format for order processing.

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Screenshot of the Foxie website, showing the homepage


Foxie started as an energy price comparison platform and, with a shift to helping customers move home, have since extended their offering to also include utilities and telecommunications. Foxie typically help customers with many new product connections at one time and to assist with this, we integrated Sugar CRM into their comparison process.

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Screenshot of the WaterFlow website, showing the homepage

Australian farmers can buy and sell the right to draw water from our rivers. Waterflow is Australia’s largest aggregator of water trade data combining both government and industry data. The platform actively scrapes data from 44 data sources (with permission) and uses it to help farmers identify the best buying and selling opportunities in their region.

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