Foxie have established themselves in the highly competitive “comparison” business with the combination of a savvy business model & tailored systems.

The Challenge

Competing with the established industry heavyweights and their large advertising budgets required a different approach to utilities comparison.

Foxie came to us in the earliest days of their business and without any formal business systems. They needed a fast comparison platform that handled the complexity of retail energy offers initially, and in time, a variety of utility services.

They also needed a tailored CRM solution for their delivery staff to manage purchases.

Our Approach

Based on our experience with two successful startups we knew the importance of remaining as flexible as possible because we could see the business model would likely evolve.

We recommended SugarCRM to form the backbone of their systems. It was not only affordable (open source), but most importantly highly adaptable, meaning all the custom logic needed could be added to handle the complexity of the energy industry.

We also developed a close working relationship with Foxie, allowing us to be responsive as they evolved. To do this we shared our cloud based planning tools so Foxie staff could direct priorities and see as work progressed.

The Results

Foxie now have a tailored CRM that automates a range of key business processes. In addition to utility comparison and workflow management, the platform directly exports sales data to a variety of utility companies.

We’ve also supported Foxie as they’ve evolved from energy comparison to a broader focus of connecting all utilities when their customers move house. The shift to “Free Relocation Assistance” has opened up new markets but required additional comparison capacity and direct interfaces for key partners such as real estate agents.

Foxie continues to evolve and succeed despite the entry of global firms into the Australian utility comparison market.

Thanks to Alliance, we’ve streamlined our operations & grown sales in a highly competitive market.

Adam Von Einem – Founder & CEO, Foxie

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