Whether you’re building a creative new product to disrupt your industry or applying technology to a well known internal business process, we have the right tools to visualise, deeply understand & clarify your requirements. This is the exciting phase of the project because we can share our innovative ideas and pivot quickly without any significant costs attached.

Techniques we commonly use:

Deep Dive Workshops

We set aside a full day to explore your product & users in depth. Using a variety of techniques we flush out the details and get crystal clear about what really matters to your customers and your business.

User Journey Mapping

A simple to understand flowchart that quickly captures the key interactions your users will have with your product. Journey Maps are a great way to identify the key “moments of truth” that matter most to your users and show us where to focus your budget for maximum value.

User Interface Design / Prototypes

This is often where clients feel their projects become “real” as we design and demonstrate the key screens of your system. Whether it’s simple paper sketches or a fully interactive prototype the feedback from this process is amazing.

Written Software Requirements

Through a question and answer process we’ll elicit a broad list of the functions your system will need, broken down by key user groups. This process allows us to understand the breadth of your project and provide realistic pricing estimates.

Competitor Research / Product Consumption

Where appropriate, we love to use a variety of techniques like product consumption (buy & use what you sell), competitor site reviews and reading online reviews to understand your competitive landscape and those key areas that must excel in order to compete.