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How Data Analytics can help you


Find targeted growth opportunities with your existing clients, optimise advertising to win new business

Customer Retention

Identify and rescue clients likely to churn based on engagement behaviour

Pricing & CRM

Tailor pricing and services to customers based on demand

Manufacturing & Production

Identify production bottlenecks, find the root causes for warranty & defect claims

Inventory Management

Maximise inventory turns whilst reducing stock shortages

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Our Services

Interactive Dashboards, Reports & Analytics

Bring your data to life by connecting it to real time dashboards. Sharing your dashboards via the web, mobile or large format TV.

Data Warehousing & Discovery

Is your important data locked away in different systems? Consolidate into a central data warehouse and deploy powerful reporting for your enterprise.

Smart Visualisation

Find the key drivers of your business and visualise them in engaging ways.

Machine Learning based Predictions

Harness the real power of data with predictive AI models.

Location Analytics & Mapping

Is your business geographically spread? Understand where key events are occurring at a glance with map overlays (e.g. heat maps, pins etc.)

Tap into over 20 years experience in managing big data to drive real results in your organisation.

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