Radio Australia is the international broadcast arm of the ABC. Due to changes in media consumption throughout Asia and the Pacific, Radio Australia needed to reinvent their service offering with a greater focus on digital content.

With a diverse audience Alliance was engaged to bring together the user experience and interface design.


Leveraging branding work by Spring in Alaska, Alliance produced the design for the website to be fresh and reflect Radio Australia’s new digital content offering.

A solid grid structure and modular approach was employed to ensure the design offers flexibility for current and future range of content requirements. During the design process particular attention was paid to the usability and accessibility of the website.

Interfaces were produced that allow site visitors to access breaking news, learn English, listen to live radio feeds and discuss the latest topics. These were produced to suit 8 different languages as diverse as Chinese to Khmer.


The new website has seen a rebirth of Radio Australia into the digital world. The website now hosts more than 300,000 articles and since launching site visits have increased. The website was a finalist for the AIMIA awards.

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