Life Supports manage bookings for a national network of counsellors and psychologists. Each year, thousands of Australians rely on Life Supports to help them select the right mental health professional for their needs.

The Challenge

Unlike traditional CRMs that manage communication with leads for a single business, Life Supports manage referrals for a vast network of professionals they represent.

As such they required a platform capable of enabling their staff to both search for and recommend the best health professional based on specialisation, location and availability. 

In addition, the platform needed to be fast to use & secure, enabling phone operators to focus on client care not data entry. 

When we first met with Life Supports, both the founder and CEO were highly disillusioned about the capacity for a software platform to properly address their needs. They’d recently been through a failed Salesforce deployment that wasted weeks of effort and tens of thousands of dollars because the software was clearly a poor fit for the Life Supports business model.

Our Approach

Life Supports is a well established firm and so we began simply by watching phone operators perform mock calls and reviewing the well documented manual processes already in use. 

A software architect mapped out the key business processes and captured the details of the various data required to efficiently match patients with their optimal therapist. It soon became clear that an off the shelf solution CRM was a poor fit.

To gain feedback & maximise staff engagement, we created sample interfaces for the screens’ operators. The interfaces included both the search and booking process as well as key management reports.

The Results

The platform was delivered using a fully agile approach and came in both under our initial estimate and within estimated timeframes. 

Life Supports staff save an average of 6.07 minutes per booking. They’ve improved client service through better information transfer between staff and now management, for the first time ever, have a broad range of real time performance and financial reports at their fingertips.

*Personal data and statistics have been altered for privacy. Some UI has been modified for artistic purposes.
37.3% increase in booked appointments
10% increase in booking conversions

Life Supports Counselling has grown rapidly through the Covid season, with a series of record months. There’s no way we could have coped without the efficiencies the new platform has given us.

The software is a perfect blend of the best of both our companies’ thinking. We can’t speak highly enough of the work Alliance Software has done.

Marcus Andrews – Founder & Counsellor

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