What You'll Learn

Simple Market Validation

How to double your odds of commercial success in less than a week with a series of easy to implement market tests.

Getting Investors & Selling Out

Hear directly from a VC on how venture capital works, how to pitch your idea to attract investment and how to maximise your exit price when it comes time to sell.

Finding Great Developers

Where do great developers live? How to identify quality local or overseas development talent.

The perfect team

Software isn’t just built by developers. Discover the role UX, management and testing play.

Pricing a Project

Get a ‘gut feel’ for project costs by exploring a range of projects and what they cost to produce.

Budget Management

Learn the key tactics non-technical clients can use to manage their budgets and trade time for money by engaging with their project on an ongoing basis.

Perfect Software Briefs

How to get exactly what you want by writing the perfect software brief (it’s easier than you think, but most people get this wrong!).

Process Improvement X-Ray

How to quickly identify any business’s greatest inefficiencies (and opportunities for improvement).

Protecting your IP

Simple techniques to control your IP even when working with the most demanding engineers.

Security Made Simple

Protect your investment with a series of easy to follow principles for maximising your system’s security.

Handling Growth

How the use of scalable infrastructure prepares you for the day your ideas take off.

The Speakers

Ben Stickland

Founder / CEO, Alliance Software
Cofounder, Noble Samurai & Web2TV

Ben Stickland is the founder and CEO of Alliance Software, a 20+ person software development firm. Ben is also a co-founder of Noble Samurai, developers of video creation and market research software with a user base in excess of 400,000; and Web2TV, an Aged Care specific in house TV platform.

Ben has extensive experience in custom software development, project management, online marketing and IP commercialisation. Ben has seen tech startup projects through every stage from conception to development and an ultimately successful exit.

Ben’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Computing, a Bachelor of Management (Marketing) and a Masters in Software Engineering.

Niv Dagen

Executive Director, Peak Asset Management

Prior to founding PEAK Asset Management, Niv headed up HC Securities and spent three years growing Halifax Investment’s capital markets division. Niv has also worked on the wholesale desk at Macquarie Bank, servicing a wide range of institutional, intermediary and offshore hedge funds.

Niv takes an active approach in managing client funds and is a firm believer that adequate risk management is paramount in any good investment decision.

Niv is now the executive director of Peak Asset Management, focusing on growing the firm’s underlying business and presence across Australia, Asia and the US.

Scott Petersen

Business Development Manager, Alliance Software
Co-founder, Marathon Guru

In addition to serving as the Business Development Manager for Alliance Software, Scott is the co-founder and owner of Marathon Guru, an online global platform for coaching athletes through Marathon preparation.

As a software consultant, Scott has extensive experience in offshore development and can shed light on the cultural quality differences.

Scott’s current appointment as BMD exposes him to large scale custom software development; his expertise in early stage project planning and execution starts the project off on the right foot.



Alex Green

Project Manager, Alliance Software

Alex is an Agile development specialist and will outline how leading firms are using Lean and Agile techniques to deliver projects faster and at higher quality.

Levi Cameron

Co-founder and Technical Lead, Alliance Software

Levi will outline (in a 100% ‘non-geeks’ format) how to ensure your system is ready to scale when you succeed and how to keep it secure.