Get To Know Our Team At Alliance Software

Every software development company is unique. Even companies in the same field may have unique areas of interest or expertise. Our goal is to work with clients that are the best fit, both for the project but also for the kinds of resources we have within reach. Do you need someone who can handle the majority of the decision making and planning in addition to coding? Or are you in charge of everything except for the final execution of the software? Having an idea of such things before choosing the right fit for your project can be a lifesaver. Watch our video to learn the kind of company we are and what makes for a perfect fit with our team.

Video Transcript:

Working with us, Alliance Software, this is controversial, but in our experience, people get a better outcome when they tell us their budget. If they tell us their budget, we can often work towards it. I don’t mean work up as in, you can say I’ve got this much money. What is the best that I can do? You still get itemized pricing, but typically we work better with people whose budget we know. We want people to be engaged.

Let me give you our perfect client. The perfect client to us, we like challenging work. We like hard work, that is what we do. We want someone who is well represented. We want someone who is consistently accessible because we’re doing hard, challenging work. We want someone who knows their domain, who can answer the questions. You don’t have to know everything but we like people who know their domain.

We want someone who can make eighty percent of the decisions. It is challenging when you’re working with someone that every time you want to get something done have to go and ask someone else’s approval for a decision.

Software often represents change inside an organization. We want to work with projects that are successful. We want someone who can champion the change inside the business, someone who can be the advocate for the change inside the business. So you typically need at least a bit of oomph and seniority to make that work.

They need to be reasonably resourced and someone who can separate function from aesthetics. Often in the early days of a project, you’re going to see ugly versions of things because we’re looking at key concepts, we’re not looking at the final polished piece. Eighty percent of people can do that. There are twenty percent of people who simply can’t get past the fact that it’s the wrong shade of blue. We say, yes, but we haven’t built the thing yet. We’re just working on, does it work?

We like them to be nice. Ideally they would have a little bit of experience which is what we’re hoping to get today.

Team members. You’re going to work with a project manager, a user experience designer, someone who is going to work with those wire frames. A graphic designer is someone who is going to do the graphics. A business analyst is someone who if you’ve got really complex business processes, they’re going to work with you on those. We’ve just employed our first business analyst. Typically our project managers did it before that. You have developers.

Something that people in this room have done really well is we’ve got tech leads in our business. Often developers will work on something and they’ll smash through a whole bunch of things then they’ll hit something and they’ll grind. It’s not inappropriate to say to a client, it looks like we’re spinning on this, can we get some attention from a tech lead or can you get someone else? Often it’s just that second set of eyes from someone to look at it. A good company will have a tech lead.

Front end developers specialize in those front end pieces. One of the things that is a mistake, most of our Alliance Software engineers really are not good at making web pages look nice. In fact I had the experience with someone in the room who rang me up and said, I’m thinking of getting a graphic designer. I said, what’s the problem? We looked at it and I looked at the mock up and thought, yes, it’s because the engineer built it.

A front end developer should have the skill to make the layout look nice inside a webpage and a tester.

Are you looking for someone who is capable of handling the complex nature of the back-end routines developed in software, or do you just need a pleasant looking website? Companies which need software developed for them come from every walk of life. They have a range of needs that cover the entire gamut of possibilities. The more you know as the client, the better work you will get from your team. By learning the thinking behind the development team, you can plan for a successful software creation and deployment, while potentially saving great amounts of time and money.

If you have a challenging project that needs the perfect software team to work by your side, get in touch with us today.