Understanding Business Logic With Spreadsheets

If we are looking to improve the way that businesses can operate, we can apply the concept of inputs, processing, and outputs, which are fundamental to development processes. Within this concept, many companies need help with the processing concept. Watch this video to gain insight into how one can apply processes using spreadsheets; bringing order and logic to the way information can be handled.

Video Transcript:

Why Spreadsheets and Developers Make Great Business Logic

Spreadsheets and Business Processing

Let’s jump into number two, business logic. This probably only applies 10 to 20% of the time. This is certainly true for people in the room, their businesses, they used to run them on spreadsheets. By that I mean, there are people in the room who have quite sophisticated financial calculation businesses. So they would go out to clients, they would help them do an analysis of some part of their business and they would do that in a spreadsheet. But the spreadsheet had the problem of distributing it, version control, losing it and a whole range of bits and pieces. Effectively what their business was, was building a website that reproduced the spreadsheet functionality and put permissions and put a range of range of bits and pieces around it. That is what the business actually is.

If that is your scenario; if the middle blue box we had a moment ago, the business processing piece, could be represented by a spreadsheet and you’re good at spreadsheets (and some people aren’t, but if you are) and a lot of people in this room happen to be; make the spreadsheet. It’s a good way to communicate with your developer and say this is the map. Developers can pull spreadsheets apart and when it works, it works really well. So it is an accurate communication of the rules and you use spreadsheets to do this.

By looking at the operations that businesses need to manage, control, and organise, you can see there is a growing need to apply processing that makes sense. Implementing a centralised spreadsheet concept to prevent loss, confusion with version numbers and various other operational challenges, we can bring order to projects of nearly any size; helping the gathering of inputs into the system and their management, and thus refining and perfecting the outputs that result.

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