Are your staff double handling data? Do you have people doing repetitive and mundane tasks? Do you hold the same information in multiple systems that don’t talk to each other?

We specialise in designing, building and supporting tailored software solutions designed to automate your business. With the right solution we can help you reduce human errors, serve your customers faster and lower your staff costs. We have dozens of examples where we’ve done just that.

For over a decade we’ve worked closely with firms of all sizes (including publicly listed firms) to automate complex business processes, and are now widely respected as one of Melbourne’s premium custom software developers.

Key aspects of our approach include:

Understand your current processes

Using “deep dive” workshops & analysis of current systems (paper, human or computer based) we’ll quickly gain a deep understanding of your current processes.

Understand your users

The context in which software is used is critical. We strive to understand who your users are as well as how, when, where and why they’ll use the system.

A simple high level plan

We begin our solution design process by producing simple to understand high level flowcharts to map out your new business processes and highlight key touch points for users & existing software systems. Anyone can understand these and everyone can give feedback.

Usability is critical

Software must serve people (you, your staff & your customers). It doesn’t matter how technically brilliant something we develop is, if users don’t enjoy using it.

Quick wins & incremental improvement where possible

Often large projects can be broken down into smaller elements that individually deliver great value and can be delivered quickly.

Integrate rather than rebuild where possible

We’re not like many firms who take the approach that “if we didn’t build it, it’s not any good”. We have significant experience integrating with both desktop and cloud based third party systems including accounting software, CRM’s of all stripes and numerous payment platforms.