Why Would You Want this Job?

Work for Software Engineers – both your colleagues and the company owners are seriously smart programmers. We’re a 35 person business. Big enough to be stable and organised, small enough to be fun.

Low Stress, Accepting & Geeky Environment – the dress code is (very) casual and almost everyone here has a technical background. There’s a pool table for those who are interested and we have a relaxed, diverse and accepting culture (and decent looking offices).

Variety of Projects to Work On – we build sophisticated custom web applications for clients across a broad range of industries. Over time you’ll do work on a variety of systems each with unique challenges.

Training & Career Development – we want our people to continually grow – you’ll work in small teams, do code reviews, participate in weekly training sessions and be part of our ongoing professional development program.

We Value Coding Skills (more than qualifications or employment history…) – we know that you become a great programmer by spending a lot of time writing code. So whilst a solid employment history and qualifications are handy (they show you can stick with something) it’s really your programming skills we’re interested in.

Eastern Suburbs – if you hate commuting and live near Blackburn you’ll save time every day!

Try Before You Buy – we understand moving jobs can feel risky so we’re happy for suitable applicants to do a week of paid work and check us out first (we think you’ll like it…).

The Role & Benefits

What does Alliance Software do?

Alliance Software is a 35 person developer of complex custom web applications. We’re also the founder of two successful tech startups. We have an engaged customer base of mid tier corporates & well funded startups.

Most of our work is delivered in an Agile fashion by teams of 3 – 7 people and most projects run from 3 – 9 months.

What skills will you need to get the job? 

Great Coding Skills – every day you’ll be solving hard software problems. You’ll have years of practice doing this (maybe you were paid, maybe you did it for fun).

Technical Self Management – You’re able to manage your own work well. You’ll help with sprint planning and task estimation. You’ll identify challenges, happily debate the best approach to a problem and do your share of code reviews but you won’t need significant technical oversight (e.g. consistent input into how to do a task).

If you’re a senior developer you’ll also help set the pace within your team. You’ll bring experience and common sense to your work and happily take on our hardest and most uncertain tasks including troubleshooting and exploratory work.

Communication – You’ll keep your team and PM’s / Scrum Master up to date with your progress. When you hit roadblocks you’ll tell people early so we can make alternative plans.

If you’re a senior developer you’ll play a key role in client meetings and be able to discuss technical concepts with non-technical folks.

Python / Javascript Experience (Nice but Not Mandatory) – Ideally you’ll have experience with our key technologies of Python (esp Django), Javascript (esp frameworks like React, or Angular) and be comfortable working with Linux based databases (e.g. PostgreSQL).

A bonus would be experience in Linux sysadmin, front end & unit testing frameworks, CSS3 / Bootstrap / jQuery and mobile app development.

Don’t have these skills? We’ve also had some great engineers join us with without direct experience but the capacity to get up to speed quickly, so if that’s you feel free to apply.

Niceness – we expect you to be a nice person and work well in a team (no jerks please!).

Oh, and finally, our teams start work with a stand up meeting at 9:50 so we need folks who are OK to be in the office by then.

Most of all, you’ll need a passion for writing code. Typically staff here have spent years writing code in their spare time, just for fun because they love it. The result is they’re all great programmers.

How many positions are on offer?

We’re looking to fill 3 – 5 positions (because we’re growing, not because people are leaving!).

What will I get paid?

Senior Developers – 120K to 130K typical package
$110,000 base plus super with $60/hour paid overtime (over 7.5 hours worked per day).

Mid Tier Developers – 93K to 106K typical package
$85,000 base plus super with $60/hour paid overtime (over 7 hours worked per day).

How does paid overtime work?

Yep – this is unusual. Everyone here gets automatic paid overtime. You’ll be expected to work an agreed minimum number of productive hours per day (typically 7 – 7.5). If you do more, you’ll be paid overtime automatically.

For example, assume your base was 7 hours per day and you did an average of 8 productive hours per day. You would earn $13,500 in overtime payments ($60 per hour x 1 hours x 5 days x 45 weeks at work per year).

Please note – overtime requests are rare but there’s lots to be done if you want to.

What don’t current staff like?

The one common groan is that we require staff to fill in time cards via an online system. This lets us pay overtime and track time worked on projects.

Where will I be working?

Our offices are a 10-15 minute walk from both the Blackburn and Nunawading train stations, and are located above BBQs Galore at 234 Whitehorse Rd, Nunawading.

Cut off dates and Christmas?

We understand many people will be on leave over the Christmas break and that’s fine (we can wait till you get back). We’re off for a week between the 25th and New Years.

Other than that, we’ll be assessing each applicant individually. If you’re a good fit then we’ll offer you a role e.g. you don’t have to ‘beat’ anyone else.

This job ad is open until the end of January.

What’s the process from here?

Send your resume and a covering letter (including relevant work examples, GitHub links etc.) to [email protected]

Suitable applicants will be invited to perform an online test and in-person interview.

Want to talk? Call Ben Stickland, our CEO & Founder in our office on (03) 9955 7000

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Our Story

Alliance Software is a software development firm with a long history spanning back to 1999. Software developers at heart, we focus on projects in the 100K to 1Million dollar range.

With all of our clients we work very closely, often having them come on site with us. We actively seek opportunities to improve and in many cases shape their businesses. We are big proponents of the Lean Startup methodology and often assist our clients in understanding and testing their assumptions.

We are a relaxed yet hard working firm.  We are highly loyal to both our staff and clients and as a result gain a high level of trust. We are friendly and have an open door policy. We value our staff’s time and pay for overtime.

Want to apply?

Applications close end of January.

Send your resume and a covering letter (including relevant work examples, GitHub links etc.) to [email protected]esoftware.com.au