We have a dedicated team of Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) specialists ready to help solve hard problems and unlock key insights in your business today.

Here’s just a few things Artificial Intelligence can do for your business right now…

Predict Auction Prices – Predict the price in an open market (e.g. Real Estate sales)

Approve Home Loans – Automate a range of complex processes typically requiring human oversight, like approving home loans.

Detect Fraud & Outliers – Find those elusive “needles in your haystack” with algorithms to tirelessly scan your data.

Classify Photos – Sort images of anything from faces to fruit! Identify intruders based on video feeds and much more.

Set the Perfect Price – Maximise revenue through automated price adjustments for services or stock that expire (e.g. accommodation, airline tickets etc).

Predict Demand – Maximise sales and minimise wastage through better forward demand projections of required staff or inventory.

Reduce Customer “Churn” – Get advanced warnings when you’re likely to lose valuable customers.

Identify Your Best Leads – Prioritise leads and focus on those prospects most likely to buy.

Increase Upsells – Maximise upsells through intelligent, personalised recommendations

Consolidate Customer Reviews – Gain valuable insights from unstructured text, like customer reviews or social media comments.

Automate Customer Service – Provide real time 24hr customer service through the use of Chatbots.

Voice Recognition – Leverage the power of Google or Amazon to talk to your customers.

Plus so much more!

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