Armchair Experiences

Stunning images set to relaxing music or natural sounds for an immersive experience. Take a virtual walk through Provence or just enjoy a seat in front of a crackling fire…

Virtual Cycle – Windmills & Channels

Explore one of the most amazing landscapes of The Netherlands: Kinderdijk. This UNESCO-listed World Heritage area is a unique phenomenon with its waterways and many windmills.

At a leisurely pace you ride in between two canals, surrounded by fresh green meadows, low bushes and gorgeous windmills.

Early Morning Beach

Take a trip to the beach and listen to the sounds of the waves on the shore. Feel the tension leave your body as you imagine the feel of sand between your toes and the salty tang of the sea air.

Emerald Tropical Waterfall 2

Gorgeous emerald tropical waterfall in the Philippines with nature sounds.


Relaxation Videos

Soft-spoken ASMR videos to help you relax.

Workshop Tool Tour

In this video the narrator explores the old tools that are in several drawers in an old workshop.

Shopping for a Neck Tie

In this video we explore and learn about a wide range of men’s ties. Lots of cloth sounds and explaining about different neckties and their qualities.

Trivia Club

Themed trivia quizzes that can be viewed individually or scheduled together for a facility quiz event. Matching handouts are available on request. We also have themed Did you know facts set to music for relaxing and informative viewing.

Did you know…? Plants

Stunning images of the natural world coupled with interesting facts all set to relaxing music!

Did you know…? Art

Stunning images of celebrated artworks with interesting facts about the works and their renowned creators all set to relaxing music!

Trivia Quiz – Around the World

The General Knowledge Trivia Quiz consists of 15 entertaining quiz questions followed at the end by answer slides.

The questions and answers are read out loud as well as appearing on the screen.

Senior’s Exercise

A mix of videos with tai-chi, gentle standing exercises and chair-based routines prepared especially for seniors by the experts at Revita physiotherapy.

Core Fitness for Seniors

Jeremy from Revita takes you through a class targeted at gently strengthening your core muscles.

Tai Chi – Sitting

In this session Marilyn leads a seated Tai Chi class designed to assist with arthritis.

Special Events

Material themed for special calendar events e.g. Anzac Day, Australia Day.

Anzac Day Ode

The Ode of Remembrance and The Last Post