We offer a range of pricing models to suit your budget and requirements.


Option 1. Ongoing Engagement

You can engage us for a set number of days every four weeks. Under this arrangement your project manager will call you prior a four week block and schedule in the days your work will be done to suit you best.

The ongoing engagement plan offers the following benefits:

  • Get More Done – we can deliver more for the same spend by committing developers to your work without interruption for a full day. Staff can be 20%+ more efficient when booked for full days.
  • Work is Predictable – You’ll know when work developers will be working for you so you can plan accordingly.
  • Guaranteed Access – We prioritise ongoing engagement customers above ad hoc work, so you know you’ll get the access you need.
  • Flexible month by month – Need more or less time? No problems you can change the number of days you want prior to any four week block commencing.
  • Overflow work at reduced rates – we reward our ongoing engagement customers with reduced rates for any overflow (e.g. extra) work performed during that period.


Days / Month Day Rate Overflow Hourly Rate
1 1088 160
2+ 1054 155
4+ 1020 150
8+ 986 145
12+ 952 140

All prices are ex GST


  • What is the “Overflow Hourly Rate”?
    Sometimes you’ll discover you need more work done than just the days booked in for the four week block. We charge a lower hourly rate for this time than our standard Ad Hoc pricing (see below).
  • What if I don’t have any work to be done?
    This program is designed for clients with an ongoing stream of development work. In the rare case where you are unable to schedule work we’ll work on your platform at our discretion, typically on maintenance tasks.
  • What if my developer gets sick?
    This happens from time to time. Firstly, your project manager will let you know so we can discuss options. We aim to keep Friday’s free in our scheduling order to give us the chance to catch up.
  • What if there’s an emergency elsewhere?
    There are times when an emergency can only be serviced well by the developer most familiar with the system. We treat this similarly to a developer becoming sick and so we seek to reschedule. We also work hard to ensure we only disrupt our schedule for true emergencies (see Ad Hoc pricing below).
  • Will I be charged a day rate or by the hour – Ongoing Engagement work is charged on a day rate basis.
  • Will I pay for Project Management, Interface Design, Testing etc – Yes, we charge for the work of all staff. It is common for Project Management and Code Reviews to be done as overflow work. Often Interface design tasks are larger and will take up full days.

Option 2 – Project Work

You can engage us for a concentrated piece of work. Our goal here is to dedicate one or more developers to work consistently on your project until completion.

Our developers are supported by a number of specialists including project managers (who also perform business analysis tasks), interface design specialists and software testers.


$1,020 per day plus GST or per hour as negotiated.


  • How big does a “project” need to be – Typically projects will represent 30 – 300 developer days however the minimum to quality is four days in length.

Option 3 – Ad Hoc & Emergency Support

You can engage us to work on smaller tasks on an as needs basis. We have three options here:

Ad Hoc Work

Just need a little once in a while? Call or email your account manager and we’ll organise the work for you. Please note Ad Hoc work is only scheduled after other work allocations have been made. During peak periods service times may be significantly delayed. We encourage clients with mission critical systems to consider the ongoing engagement model to ensure regular staff allocation.


$180 / hour + GST.

Emergency Support

We offer both emergency support both out of hours and during business hours. Perfect for the case where you just “need it now”.


Client Type Business Hours
Emergency Support
Out of Hours
Emergency Support (minimum 1 hour)
Ongoing Engagement (current) $200 / hour $300 / hour
Project Work (current) $200 / hour $300 / hour
Ad Hoc Work $250 / hour $400 / hour

All prices are ex GST


  • How do I access Out of Hours support?
    Call the mobile phone of your project manager and / or other key staff as agreed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.Note, out of hours support is serviced on a best efforts basis. Historically immediate support is provided in more than 95% of cases. Guaranteed availability can be provisioned on a retainer basis.
  • When does Business Hour Pricing Apply?
    Business hour pricing applies to any request made before 5pm.