Service Models

There are four service models available:

  1. Managed Projects
  2. Ongoing Service Engagement
  3. Ad Hoc Work
  4. Emergency Support

For your convenience, we offer a blended rate for Managers, Developers & UX Design irrespective of service type.

Managed Projects

Have a project that needs completion? Let’s talk. When you engage Alliance for a project we take ownership. We’ll put together the right multi-discipline team, actively manage the requirements and keep an eye on both timeframes and budget.

Price: $165 / hour + GST.


How big does a “project” need to be?

We typically work with new clients on projects with budgets between $50,000 and $500,000. Once a project is completed, clients often wish to engage us to perform a series of smaller projects (e.g. enhancements) over time.

Smaller projects may have a specific focus or simply be a collection of tasks we undertake as a group. As long as the work represents five or more days of work it qualifies as a project (approx $5,000 to $6,000 value).

Ongoing Service Engagement

Have a business critical platform that you’re regularly enhancing? Would you like the certainty of knowing that capable and experienced developers will be regularly working to improve and enhance your system?

Why not engage Alliance for a set number of days per week or month? An ongoing service engagement offers the following benefits:

Get More Done

we can deliver more for the same spend by committing developers to your work without interruption for full days at a time. Staff can be 20%+ more efficient when booked for full days (as compared with ad hoc jobs).

Work is Predictable

You’ll know when work developers will be working for you (including the days of the week that best suit your schedule) so you can plan accordingly.

Prioritised Access

We prioritise ongoing engagement customers above ad hoc work, so you know you’ll get the access you need.

Easier to Budget

You can expect invoices within a predictable range each fortnight.

Tailored to You

In addition to development, we provide core project management to all clients (e.g. scheduling staff, reviewing work volumes and handling emergency requests) at the same hourly rate as development. However, in an ongoing service arrangement our other services (e.g. testing, business analysis and user experience design) are optional as some clients are able to perform these themselves. Talk to us about the right combination for your needs.


Days / Week Hourly Rate
1 day per month $185
1 day per fortnight $175
1+ per week $165
3+ per week $160
5+ per week $155
10+ per week $150
All prices are ex GST



Am I locked in? Can I change my mind?

This service is designed for clients with ongoing needs not as a replacement for short term projects. You’re not locked into a formal contract and can adjust your requirements or end the engagement as your needs change. We’d suggest a review every six to twelve months.

What if I don’t have any work to be done?

This program is designed for clients with an ongoing stream of development work. In the rare case where we can’t contact you or you’re unable to schedule work we’ll undertake more general maintenance tasks.

How many hours per day should I budget?

A typical developer will do 6.5 - 7 hours productive work in a day and this will take 30 mins for a PM to manage (scheduling, monitoring work queues etc). Beyond this it varies based on the project and client. Our more complex projects typically require assistance in business analysis (often also done by PM’s) and this takes between 1 - 3 hours per developer day. Many clients also opt to use a professional tester and you should assume one hour of testing per developer day.

How is non development time scheduled and charged? – We charge the same hourly rate for all staff (except our sales people where estimates are free).

UX and Interface design is generally scheduled as full days whilst support services such as Project Management, Testing and Code Reviews are performed on an as needs basis and not scheduled in full days.

What if my developer gets sick?

This happens from time to time. Your project manager will let you know so we can discuss options, typically we’ll schedule a catch up day.

Can I be doing both ongoing work and project work?

Yes, many clients will have an ongoing engagement for general maintenance and support where they supply the workflow of tasks to be done. At the same time, they may have a specific project that’s more actively managed (including timeframes, budgets, scope etc) and this would be run as a separate project.

What if there’s an emergency elsewhere?

There are times when an emergency can only be serviced well by the developer most familiar with the system.

Should this happen we’ll pull the most appropriate developer to solve it. If this causes the developer on your project to be disrupted such that their day is not fully productive (e.g. a distraction of more than 1 hour) we’ll call you to discuss options.

We work hard to ensure we only disrupt our schedule for true emergencies and it’s nice to know that if you’re in an emergency situation we’ll give you the same service.

Ad Hoc Work

Just need a little once in awhile? Call or email your project manager and we’ll organise the work for you.

Please note Ad Hoc work is scheduled after other work allocations have been made and may be delayed during peak periods. We encourage clients with mission critical systems to consider an ongoing service engagement to ensure regular staff allocation.

Pricing: $200 / hour + GST.

Emergency Support

We offer emergency support both during business and out of hours. We consider an emergency a significant degradation of your platform (e.g. your entire platform or key components are non functional) and is intended for crisis management.


Minimum 1 hour

Client Type Business Hours Pricing Out of Hours Pricing
Current Managed Project $250 / hour $300 / hour
Current Service Engagement $250 / hour $300 / hour
Ad Hoc Work $400 / hour $500 / hour
All prices are ex GST


How do I setup and access Out of Hours support?

If you’d like the option of out of hours support let us know and we’ll identify the right people to supply it. Typically this will be your Project Manager or a key developer on your project.

Do I have to pay a retainer for emergency support?

Our standard arrangement is not to charge an ongoing retainer for emergency out of hours support (typically 1,000's per month). Instead, we charge a premium rate which ensures clients only use the service for critical incidents.

We do offer retainer agreements for those clients seeking guaranteed 24/7 access.

Is access to emergency support guaranteed?

No, out of hours support is serviced on a best efforts basis. You’ll be given the personal mobile number of your designated contact but we don’t expect them to ensure 24/7 availability. Historically however, immediate support is provided in more than 95% of cases.

Note, guaranteed availability can be provisioned on a monthly retainer basis. Please contact us for details.

When does business hour pricing apply?

Business hour pricing applies to any work that can be done between 9am and 6pm. Work outside this period is charged at Out of Hours rates.