Bringing SMS to the Masses


MessageMedia, the leader in business SMS’s site was looking dated and tired. The MessageMedia website did not communicate leadership, the customer experience was poor, and the site was not search engine optimised.

MessageMedia needed to overcome usability, findability, search engine crawlability and customer experience issues to drive greater online brand visibility, authority and website lead generation.


Leveraging MessageMedia digital marketing expertise, Alliance implemented a complete SEO site and information architecture, complete with mega menus to enhance the navigation for customer findability and search engine indexability.

Removing and incorporating plugins, and reducing WordPress theme load, Alliance Software increased site speed and page load times.

They also created a responsive mobile friendly site complete with toggle dropdown for greater user experience.


Within 30 days of launch:

  • Website visibility and keyword rankings increased by 20%
  • Website domain authority increased 6 points
  • Website visits increased by 5% due to the increase in rankings

Alliance Software has been instrumental in the development, SEO architectural and technical implementation, whilst improving organic rankings, customer experience and ultimately MessageMedia qualified leads.

Rey Yesilnacar 

Head of Digital Marketing

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