Welcoming Good Mental Health


Delmont Hospital is one of Victoria’s leading providers of mental health care services. Their facilities are cutting edge and they run a variety of day programs and inpatient services.

Delmont needed to increase their referral base. This required them to promote and generate awareness amongst GPs. This meant improved access to information about their services, doctors, professional development events and most importantly their referral process.


Through initial workshops we determined the key user groups and the different types of information they required from the website. With this in mind we organised the website around providing key information for referring doctors and to patients and their families.

The design focused on positioning Delmont Hospital as more friendly and approachable. The website educates users on different mental health concerns and links them directly to the specific ways Delmont can assist and how to get a referral.

We developed the site using Drupal which empowers Delmont staff to keep the website up-to-date. Staff are able to maintain the full range of content but also specifically a database of their doctors and specialties and professional development events and registration.


The Delmont Hospital website design has been a key asset for the institution to drive awareness and referrals from GPs.


Delmont Hospital Delmont Hospital

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