Levelling up


The Burnet Institute is a world leader in research and education around infectious disease and population health issues. They have a staff of researchers and experts in excess of 400 strong, dotted over 7 countries.

Despite their excellent reputation, their web presence didn’t convey the professionalism required to support bids for research grants and donors. With limited content management functionality, their website was left out-of-date and irrelevant.


After winning a competitive pitch, Alliance developed a bespoke Content Management System in Ruby on Rails.

The new system provides a simple yet robust platform for managing their extensive range of content. Structured content types with markup are used to make updates simple and maintain the integrity of the code. Combined, these reduce the time and costs of managing their website.

A phased approach to the development allowed Burnet to incorporate content from their many stakeholders during the site’s development. Over time the CMS will be integrated with other internal systems to automate some content management functions.


The result is a comprehensive website that is fresh, relevant and up-to-date. The website has proved an asset to the organisation.


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