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Asian Aid is a Christian, non-profit organisation with a 40 year history of making a difference to the lives of children and people in poverty.

With over 9000 children sponsored across four countries, Asian Aid was struggling to manage their day-to-day activities with an antiquated system. Alliance Software was approached to design and develop a formal process to manage their children, donors, payments and field workers.


Asian Aid approached Alliance Software with the requirement for a formal process to manage their children, donors, payments and field workers.

Alliance responded by developing a robust and secure system that provides a structured workflow for Asian Aid’s daily activities. Staff are able to track the relationships between sponsored children, projects and their donors.

The system also provides tools for field workers, enabling staff to follow and keep up-to-date with field workers’ activities.


Through their new online system, Asian Aid is now in control of their day-to-day activities and donors can have confidence in the security of their valuable donations, putting Asian Aid in a good position to grow their sponsorship base.

Asian Aid now enjoy greater operational efficiency with automated donor communication, automated collections management, and functionality allowing field workers to enter updates directly into the system. With streamlined operations, Asian Aid is saving them a great deal of time everyday.

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