Alinergy wanted a cutting edge workflow process that could keep pace with their tailored analytics and market intelligence data.

Alinergy help large scale energy consumers, such as miners and manufacturers, optimise their energy buying. They also consult to assist clients in managing exposure to the risks of price fluctuations.

The Challenge

Alinergy’s advisory services rely on both industry data such as ASX energy futures and energy supplier pricing, as well as private data, such as a client’s previous usage patterns and expected future demand.
Alinergy needed a way to combine all this data into a simple portal shared between consultant and client.

Our Approach

The project was a data import and visualisation exercise. Key to success was allowing imports with minimal human intervention by Alinergy staff to ensure the platform could be used with ease across their client base.

Our User Experience (UX) staff worked closely with the client using an Agile sprint process. This allowed us to validate data throughout the build. A variety of graph types were used to present the data in an easy-to-read format.

The Results

With the site now ready to go-live we are looking forward to gaining feedback from Alinergy clients.

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