Gathering support for the disadvantaged


Founded by Australia’s most recognisable youth campaigner, Les Twentyman, 20th Man Fund is a charity that supports our homeless, disadvantaged and disconnected youth.

Although they had the publicity that comes from Les Twentyman’s involvement, their website was unable to extend and convert this interest to donations.

We were commissioned to redesign the website to enable the 20th Man Fund to actively promote their charity and provide a place for the public to learn how 20th Man was making a difference and how they can get involved.


20th Man Fund had a communication challenge. They were doing valuable work that impacted the lives of thousands, but weren’t doing a good job articulating their story.

Our design work focused on articulating this story and provided a structure to clearly present this to site visitors so 20th Man stood out as a charity to get behind.

This was put on top of a design aesthetic that focused on the hope and positive energy that 20th Man brings to those in need. Key to the site’s design was the tight integration of calls to action to support the cause.

All of this has been built with a solid CMS to allow for regular and ongoing changes by the 20th Man team.


The site was launched and gained immediate, positive feedback.

The website has been a big success for 20th Man Fund. With clear messaging they have been able to secure numerous corporate donations that provide the ongoing support required for 20th Man to continue their valuable work and programs.

20th Man Fund - Homepage 20th Man Fund - What we do

“The result is 100% true to the original brief and my faith in Alliance resulted in the perfect tool for the organisation. The response from users has been outstanding.”

Wayne Owens

CEO 20th Man Fund

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