Our market validation processes are optional and generally most applicable to those building customer facing software.

Unfortunately, even with a great idea & a well built product many technology ventures fail.

You see, in addition to delivering projects for hundreds of businesses we’ve also built two technology startups ourselves. These companies are now both profitable and employ 12 full time staff but early on, we made costly mistakes and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. We almost destroyed the businesses and looking back, the mistakes could have been easily avoided. It was a difficult time but through it we learned quick and easy ways to confirm market demand before investing in development.

We understand this doesn’t apply to everyone, but for those clients looking for extra certainty we’re happy to help.

Some favourite techniques include:

Scripted User Interviews

Using the best in “Lean” thinking we’ve helped a number of clients conduct both problem interviews (confirming the problem is big enough) and solution interviews (confirming the proposed solution is desirable). This process can be done in one day and significantly reduces commercial risk.

Working Prototypes & Minimum Viable Products (MVP’s)

Often the viability of a large system can be tested on real customers by spending a fraction of the overall budget to build a basic working prototype or MVP. We can show you a range of techniques to do this.

Sales Channel Testing

There are ethical ways you can sell your product before it’s built to confirm your marketing and sales process works.