We specialise in large & complex software development projects. The key to our 17 years of business success is the stability and high technical skill of our engineers.

Whilst we’re committed to deeply understanding your project (see “Define & Visualise” above) we typically try to keep any delivery plans high level only and use development “sprints” and an agile approach to deliver quality software fast.

These are our five golden rules of software development:

Establish a Solid Foundation

The first two weeks of a software project are critical. It’s where key technology decisions are made, working protocols are established & the development team is briefed. We know from almost 20 years experience the importance of getting this right and so engage our technical leads at the commencement of every project.

Demonstrate Regularly

Regularly scheduled demonstrations make the team accountable and allow regular opportunities for changes, tweaks and error correction.

Fully Engaged Clients

Complex software is built with clients not for them. Successful projects require a fully engaged client representative with the time to provide ongoing input and active acceptance testing.

Face Risks Early

Identify the high risk elements of a project up front and tackle these first.

Quality Comes in Many Forms

Quality must be baked in from the start using a cross section of techniques including peer review, human testing (with scripts!), automated testing, agreed development protocols, familiar and stable technology and lightweight but up to date documentation.