Why would I want to work here?

Work for Software Engineers – both your colleagues and the company owners are seriously smart programmers. We’re a 35 person business. Big enough to be organised, small enough to be fun.

Low Stress, Accepting & Geeky Environment – the dress code is (very) casual and almost everyone here is a geek at heart. There’s pool table table for those who are interested & we have a relaxed, diverse & accepting culture (and comfortable, decent looking offices).

Eastern Suburbs – If you hate commuting and live near Blackburn, you’ll save time every day!

Alliance Software values diversity and is an equal opportunity employer.

The Role

What projects will I be working on?

We have two challenging projects we are seeking assistance on.

Consolidated buying platform – join a five person agile team undertaking a ground up rebuild of a complex consolidated buying platform. Interesting aspects include scalability, data visualisation and creating learning algorithms to replace current manual matching of high volumes of “dirty” data. Machine learning techniques possible.
Duration: 6 months
Start: Late Jan / Early Feb

Finance Application Management – join a four person agile team developing a multi tenant finance management system. System includes standard components of CRM and document production, with the more interesting piece being a configurable workflow engine with a drag and drop front end.
Duration: 4 months
Start: Late Jan / Early Feb

What skills will you need to get the job?

1. React and / or Django – you’ll be able to jump into a recently launched project requiring extensive React and Django development. Within this they’ll be able to write high quality code at a good speed.

A bonus would be experience in Linux sysadmin, unit testing frameworks & CSS3.

2. Technical Self Management – You’re able to manage your own work well. You’ll help with sprint planning and task estimation. You’ll identify challenges, happily debate the best approach to a problem and do your share of code reviews but you won’t need significant technical oversight (e.g. consistent input into how to do a task).

You’ll bring experience and common sense to your work and happily take on our hardest and most uncertain tasks including troubleshooting and exploratory work.

3. Proactive Communication – You’ll keep your team and PM’s / Scrum Master up to date with your progress. When you hit roadblocks you’ll tell people early so we can make alternative plans.

You’ll be happy to participate in meetings with client play a key role in client meetings and be able to discuss technical concepts with non-technical folks.

What does Alliance Software do?

Alliance Software is a 35 person developer of complex custom web applications. We’re also the founder of two successful tech startups. We have an engaged customer base of mid tier corporates & well funded startups.

Most of our work is delivered in an Agile fashion by teams of 3 – 7 people and most projects run from 3 – 9 months.

We’ve done a quick video with a walk around the office here if you’d like to get a look at the place:

See where you might be working...

What don’t current staff like?

The one common groan is that we require staff to fill in time cards via an online system. This lets us pay contractors.

How many positions are on offer?

We’re looking to fill 2 – 3 positions (because we’re growing, not because people are leaving!).

What will I get paid?

  • Applicants who can demonstrate both strong Django & React skills – $100 / hour ex GST.
  • Applicants who can demonstrate both strong only one of Django or React Skills (not both) – $80 / hour ex GST.


Where will I be working?

Our offices are a 10-15 minute walk from both the Blackburn and Nunawading train stations, and are located above BBQ’s Galore at 234 Whitehorse Rd, Nunawading. You’ll work standard office hours (start by 9:40 daily for standups).

You’ll be given a Macbook Pro setup for your project. Once you’re settled in, you’ll have the option (but no obligation) to do additional time at home on your project.

What’s the process from here?

Please only apply if:

  1. You have strong Python and / or Javascript experience. We’re looking for folks to hit the ground running.
  2. You live in Melbourne (or are currently relocating).

Please note, we are not considering remote staff or sponsoring overseas workers for this role.

Send your resume and a covering letter to [email protected]

Please include:

  • Relevant work examples showing Django / Python / React / Javascript, GitHub links etc.
  • Contact details:
    • Current residential address – if not Melbourne based please confirm your capacity to relocate without sponsorship or your application will not be assessed.
    • Email – important if applying through LinkedIn, Seek etc.
    • Phone number

Suitable applicants will be invited to perform a brief online test to confirm you can code, then a more detailed technical assessment.

Want to talk?
Call our CEO / Founder Ben Stickland in our office on (03) 9955 7000